Arthritis Hand Exercises

Many people with arthritis struggle to form a fist. However, you can still perform some exercises to improve circulation to the hands and reduce inflammation. One of these hand exercises is the thumb roll. To perform this exercise, begin with the fingers extended and the thumb outside the folded hand. Do this exercise gently, making sure to avoid pain or strain. Once you have mastered this exercise, you can begin to apply it to your hands and wrists.

To perform this exercise, you need to hold your hand palm-side up on a table and bend your fingers outward. Hold this position for about 10 seconds, and then return them to their normal positions. Repeat several times. If you notice any pain or discomfort while performing the exercise, stop immediately. You can also perform the exercise with a tennis ball. Be sure to consult a medical professional before you begin the exercise. After this, you will be able to see results quickly.

Another exercise to perform is the wrist twist. The wrist is rotated counterclockwise and clockwise. Do this several times, both wrists. For the best results, do the exercise in warm water if possible. The wrist should not be too tight or too loose, so you don’t risk injuring your joints. You should perform these exercises slowly and carefully. The goal is to get the joint to relax and ease the pain. A few simple stretches each day can go a long way in alleviating your arthritis symptoms.

Another simple hand exercise involves rolling a tennis ball or stress ball. Be careful to avoid rolling the ball if you have a history of arthritis or are unsure about its risks. Afterwards, try rolling the ball in your hands a couple of times a week, and be sure to rest your hands for 48 hours between exercises. There are many other simple hand exercises to relieve pain caused by arthritis. If you have trouble moving your hands, try one of these exercises today.

Another exercise is the wrist rotation. You want to rotate your wrist in one direction, then rotate it the opposite direction. Start by placing your forearm on a flat surface and then bend your wrist back and forward. Hold for five seconds and then slowly bend the wrist back and forward. While you’re doing this, keep your fingertips straight while you make a full fist. Hold it like this for 20 seconds. Performing this exercise several times a day can help to relieve pain caused by arthritis.

If you’re looking for a home exercise program that helps with arthritis hand pain and stiffness, consider trying out the SARAH programme. This 12-week program was created for people with reduced hand function as a result of rheumatoid arthritis. This program features seven finger and wrist stretches as well as four strengthening exercises for the hands. The programme integrates evidence-based behavioural support strategies, including exercise diaries.